With gorgeous New England scenery as the backdrop, our Boston-based summer camp employs the powers of outdoor education to help kids be inspired and impart wonder on their developing minds. Outdoor education is a crucial method of learning and studies have shown that it “increased standardized test scores, enhanced attitude about school, improved in-school behavior, improved attendance and overall enhanced student achievement.”* Learning in the outdoors is also linked to positive effects on children’s critical thinking, problem solving, and healthy imagination.

When children learn and play in nature under the guidance of our specialized curriculum, they will grow in two major areas. First, this camp will stir curiosity, bring openness to experience, and wonder about themselves. It is imperative for children to explore, use their own creativity, and have an open mind to the world around them. Second, our “Wonder” curriculum helps build resilience in the child. Resilience is a pivotal component of a child’s social emotional health. Children are challenged to reflect, recognize, and overcome their own personal barriers.

*American Institutes for Research. (2005). Effects of outdoor education programs for children in California. Palo Alto, CA.